Looking back over 2017 part 3

We continued to enjoy our friends company as we got to know the area around the south Midlands. Spending longer at each mooring so we could explore more leisurely. Claire and Matthew joined us at Nether Heyford
We took Jo cruising past Dunchurch pools, a huge new marina being built on the north Oxford especially for her boat the Blue Pearl when it’s complete.

We continued picking blackberries in the most hair raising manner

As the leaves began to turn golden. We cruised up the north Oxford spending a few nights at Barby marina with the Alpacas

A fortnight in Rugby, and onto to the Ashby canal. Where we experimented with some alternative transport. I rather liked this model T Ford

But Eric preferrd the train.

Though having spent nearly a year on Firecrest we are both in agreement that narrowboating wins everytime. 

Having looked at the CRT  planned winter maintenance program we decided to head back into the GU for the winter months. We were very impressed with how accessble Milton Keynes was for pedestrians providing us with a rural parkland and tarmac paths.

Before we settled in Leighton Buzzard as winter arrived with a vengeance 

As I hope you can see from my looking back over 2017 reminiscence , it’s the friendships that have dominated our year. We’ve been touched and honoured that friends and family have travelled to see us. Not everyone has been mentioned by name or photo but that doesn’t mean any less significance to us.  We’ve been welcomed by boaters and locals alike, we’ve made both short term and long lasting friends amongst the people we have met along the way in various churches pubs and yarn gatherings. It’s funny how we’ve leant out of the side hatch to see where we are, and before we realised it half an hour later we’d swapped life stories and boating advice with the passers by. Boaters must have an inherent nosy gene.

It’s not all been a bed of roses, there have been quite a few frustrations, mainly with the way the builder chose to do things the way he’d always done it, instead of incorporating 21century knowledge. But we’ll learn to live with it. And I shall resign myself to Firecrest being tweeked to make things run more smoothly. I’m hoping there’ll be a page of statistics for the year. But that’s Eric’s domain, I don’t do spreadsheets.