We have water – yipeeee

Having stripped out much of the plumbing, arranged bits in the way I was going to use them.  I have now added drain points under the sink, which is the lowest easily accessible place on the boat, added a stop cock between the cold and hot water system so I can work on the hot water system while having cold water through the galley and bathroom tap.

I am adding a water filter to reduce calcium build up in the clarifier, and also the washing machine.  This has meant pushing a 4.5m pipe from the bathroom, behind the dinette, behind the cooker and washing machine to the sink – not the easiest of jobs but it is done now.  Cheryl’s help would have been useful for that but still I managed it.

This is the first time I have used plastic water pipes.  When I re-plumbed our last house I did it all in copper.  I am using the hep2O fittings because these are the ones the boat builder used.  Plastic pipes does make it easier than copper and solder joints.  I do find soldering copper pipes more satisfying, but on the boat I think plastic is a better choice.

It is nice to have cold water through the taps again, instead of having to carefully pour it out of a water container.