About Us

Who are we

I’m Cheryl, I am a registered nurse and have been working for Marie Curie, a most humbling and satisfying career. If nothing else it taught me to seize the day and enjoy life to the full. I’m married to Eric, an engineer and designer with exacting standards, goodness knows how he’s put up with me for so long. We both enjoy a creative spirit though Eric is the person to ask for technical inspiration. We have two grown up children, one of whom thinks we’re mad to want to live on a boat and the other who thinks we’d be mad not to live on a boat. Our base is Suffolk but we have family both near and far.

Our boat Firecrest

60‘ steel Tim Tyler hull, fitted out by Braidbar Boats. It has several unconventional features, most notably the electric propulsion and the extended canopy roof at the bow. We’ll spend time talking about the boat spec in future posts.