Essential repairs

A several weeks ago we realised we had a leaking diesel tank. Luckily it was right at the top so was only a problem when we filled up the tank, and then even more luckily the diesel spilt over into our inspection hatch rather than into the canal so we were able to skim it off before it caused any significant pollution. As soon as we let Braidbar know, they liaised with Tim the hull builder to come out and fix it. Today we’re back in the yard and Tim has worked his magic. No more leaking diesel.

We’ll spend the night in the yard guarded on each side by Blue Pearl and Elizabeth Anne, Jo and Lawrence’s boats. It’s a bit of an odd sensation because they are still bare hulls so they tower above us.


Buxton Spring Fair

Buxton is a beautiful Spa Town,

the spring water is cool, fresh and freely available from St Annes shrine and has been enjoyed by visitors for centuries, the Romans took advantage and built a thermal bath, the Georgians built the crescent, the Victorians built the pavilion gardens.

And in 1903 the opera house was opened  It’s the highest market town in England and I think it deserves its popularity.

(amendment I received this information from John one of our followers “….For the sake of completeness I would like to mention that Alston in Cumbria also claims to be the highest market town in England. Having checked the Ordnance Survey it seems that various parts of both towns range from 960 to 1040 feet. ”  Thankyou John

On May Day it hosts a spring fair where the whole of the centre is lined with a veritable feast, of food,drink, arts, crafts and entertainments.

And lots and lots of people. The day started of in true bank holiday style with grey clouds and showers but the sunshine battled it’s way through and the atmosphere was carefree and happy.

In my opinion Buxton only has one failing, it doesn’t have a canal. However it does have a trainline that roughly follows the Peak Forest canal

What a waste

But we won’t make this mistake again. Firecrest sits quite deep in the water and we’re finding it hard to tuck in for oncoming boats because we’re running aground and tilting more than we’d like. It’s frustrating for both us and the oncoming boat because we are trying desperately hard to be considerate boaters. Today however, despite slowing right down, the unseen roots and rocks on the offside bank caused us to bump boats and as we rocked I heard an almighty crash and oh no, there goes the bottle of wine I’d bought for tonight’s dinner.

The moral of this is if you must drink red wine, don’t leave it on the worktop, put it safely away if you’re cruising.

Perhaps the heron in today’s photo has the right idea, when Firecrest is on the move its safer to watch the world go by from an elevated roost. I know herons nest in trees but we’d never seen one perched above us like this before.