Warm welcomes

We’ve been welcomed with open arms here and so enjoyed this area that we’ve asked permission to stay a bit longer.¬†Bugsworth Basin can get crowded in the summer but at this time of year the rules are relaxed and common sense and a donation prevail.

Erics been keeping busy while I’ve walked into Whaley Bridge most days.

My highlight being a fantastic wool shop, which is hardly the best way to describe the WiseheartStudio Run by Kate and Annie, Wiseheart Studio is an independent textile studio and yarn shop that feels more like being welcomed into someone’s front room than a business venture. Whilst the stock isn’t the most extensive, it is all special and so very tempting. Much of it from local independent spinners, dyers and artists which are displayed on the Welsh dresser, sideboards and the coffee tables. (And yes I did buy some, if only to make Eric a better wooly hat) The comfy sofa is draped with crocheted blankets and the walls adorned with local artwork Homemade cake is served on an assortment of China plates, and there are knit and natter groups running most days. And upstairs is the Pear Tree cafe which is equally inviting. I can see me wanting to return here frequently.

The Basin has a warden called Pavlo who has taken under his wing. There’s a shallow area in one of the winding points and we managed to run aground. Pavlo came to our rescue and helped pull us off with his own boat. We were mightily embarrassed but Pavlo and his mate Mark were brilliant and reassured us that they have to pull someone off at least once a month. I made them cake to say thankyou, and then Pavlo who keeps chickens gave us some freshly laid eggs. Yet more kindness

I’ve been taking advantage of the space here at Bugsworth and having some ‘driving lessons’ I’m still very unsure of myself when it comes to steering a 60 foot boat, but everyone assures me this time next year I’ll wonder what all the fuss was about,min the mean time I still suggest you give me a wide berth.

And finally today’s weather report, more rain, more mud and even some snow. But I’m hoping for sun tomorrow.