All boaters suffer with condensation at some point and we’re no different. Most of the boat is ok, we’re both well ventilated and well insulated, but the ‘conservatory’ at the bow has a lot of exposed metal and doesn’t have the double glazing that the rest of the boat has. In the mornings I can usually wring out two mopping up cloths before I give up. All gadgets and gizmo’s have to earn their right to storage space on the boat and we’d decided not to bring our trusty Karcha window vac with us. But enough was enough and as luck would have it Tesco had just one left reduced down from £39 to £14 so it was a bit of ano brainer. Ha, this morning the temperature had risen and not a drop of moisture to be seen. It seems that the threat of being sucked up was enough to beat the condensation into submission and the problem is solved.

I feel very British right now cause I am becoming obsessed with the weather. The early morning drizzle soon turned into heavy rain and as it didn’t show any signs of easing off I decided it was time for me to test out my gold plated waterproof trousers. I’m happy to report that I walked for over an hour and stayed as dry as the conservatory. I’m quite content trudging along in the rain, just so long as I can step around the puddles and there’s no mud.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Spring is on its way

Spring was in the air today. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. I walked into Whaley Bridge and was overjoyed to see this patch of crocus growing by the canal side.

The Ducks were happy to pose for photos

even the swans came to investigate.

Pity there’s more snow forecast overnight.

A cold days cruise

When we woke the forecast said it was going to be OK until early afternoon so we made the mistake of believing it. While we were having our breakfast planning our next adventure it started snowing, and oh boy was it bitter.

But it didn’t last and having got the blue sky we’d hoped for, it all looked rather pretty, so we donned the thermal long johns-no you’re not getting photos of us in Aldi’s finest, but take my word that they certainly kept the drafts out…

Past the Swizzels sweet factory where love hearts, drum sticks and Parma violets are made. I’m told that the descerning can tell which sweet is being made that day, by the aroma that surrounds the factory. And a little further past the magnificent New Mills viaduct.

We’d been going about 5 minutes when it clouded over and the heavens opened. Rain, like we never see in Suffolk, cold, wet, heavy and miserable. We knew it was only 10 minutes to our first destination the marina a New Mills where we could fill up and add the waterproofs to our layers. Only to find it closed for the day. Oh well, our final destination was only two or three miles away and Eric gallantly suggested I stayed in the dry instead of keeping him company while we trudged on.

We pulled into Bugsworth Basin just as the sun came out, we filled up with water and found ourselves a lovely mooring spot, the same one we’d used in 2015 on Braidbar’s hire boat.

So despite getting very wet in the morning the afternoon turned out beautiful and in the evening we treated ourselves to fish and chips at the Navigation Inn, the building you can see directly behind Firecrest. No wonder it’s a favourite with the boaters moored at Bugsworth.