We’ve been moored up in Wolverley for 5 nights now. Such a different sort of week to last week, when we covered so many miles to get here and now we’ve been able to enjoy exploring our location a bit more.

From Braidbar to Wolverley was 94 miles with 74 locks (including our little detour to Stourbridge) We did it in 10 days, some long and some relaxed. We got sunburnt, very wet and wind blown, we fixed one unhappy toilet and “we” lost 2 mooring chains and for all the good it did, completed our first ever postal vote in a general election.

The first thing we found in the village was the pound for stray animals carved into the Rock. I hope they don’t use it for over enthusiastic boaters as well because we’ve had a good time this week with all our visitors. Hence the lack of posting this week. Sorry.