Boaters cathedral

We first arrived in Braunston at the beginning of August, and it became a useful meeting point for our friends and family. We’ve been careful not to flout the 48 hour mooring rules always moving on to explore the surrounding areas. This weekend we wanted to visit the church, All Saints, also known as the Boaters Cathedral. And indeed we did meet several other boaters at the service.

We recieved a very warm welcome and it was a good service, followed by an invitation to stay for lunch at the summer garden party. Sadly the weather wasn’t as warm as the fellowship and we wished we’d put on a few more layers. But the rain held off and we did have a good time. It’s a church I’d like to return to.

But now we’re going to wave goodbye to Braunston for the time being and head back into Warwickshire on the North Oxford Canal.