Onwards and Upwards, from Rugby to The Ashby

We’ve decided to explore the Ashby canal. So we’ve continued west along the North Oxford to Hawkesbury junction, then onto the Coventry canal for a few miles north and finally turning right onto the Ashby. It was a treat to get cruising again after 14 days on the Rugby mooring.

The original route of the North Oxford Canal is twisty and contorted in a most bizarre way but it was straightened out in the 1820‘s. A lot of these abandoned stretches have been put to good use for residential long term moorings and boat yards. The ornate iron bridges over the towpaths remain. 

We both breathed in as we passed through the Rose Narrowboats hire base. Glad we didn’t meet anyone coming towards us, it was a jam packed full.

It wasn’t all prettiness with this huge electrical sub station just before the junction.

Into the stop lock at Hawkesbury, where the Oxford meets the Coventry and the canals were built at a slightly different level.

And into the junction basin

Under the Black Cat bridge (well if Bedford can have a black cat roundabout, the canals can have a black cat bridge

And onto the Coventry canal where the wildlife got even more impressive.

And the art work ‘interesting’…

Before we arrived on the Ashby. But more of that to follow.