My, that was windy…

My goodness that was windy. No not the weather, but you know what they say. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Well here in MK they have an iFly venue. An indoor sky diving experience.

On Wednesday our friend Jo (NB Blue Pearl) joined us for a cruise, but with 40mph winds forecast we weren’t prepared to pull the pins for anyone. So as we sat chatting, she asked if we knew MK had an Ifly.  Before I had time to blink I’d agreed to have a go. Eric equally quickly offered to be our photographer.

Well what can I say but oh boy that was fun. I’m told I did really well. But as each flight only lasts a minute I wasn’t really aware how I was doing. We got two flights and we opted to do a high spin which was scary but exhilarating. I don’ think I’ve properly come back down to earth yet.

Jo is now busy planning our next adrenaline rush. Apparently there’s a high speed mile long zip wire in Wales. Thank goodness it’s not near any canal.

PS Eric admitted that he thinks he should have joined in as well.