Flippin’ hec that was a good pancake

We do love a good pancake and back home in the bricks and mortar, I’d become a dab hand at churning out pancakes almost as fast as the 4 of us could eat them, sometimes with 3 fryingpans on the go at a time.  But here on Firecrest where space is at a premium we chose to compromise on a full size hob and opted for one of the two ring domino hobs. It’s got a lot of advantages being an induction hob, the size of the pan doesn’t affect its efficiency, I can even use the two rings in tandem with my huge iron casserole. 99% of the time it’s absolutely fine, but I simply don’t have the physical space to use two frying pans at the same time. Ah well, it did mean that. I persuaded Eric to take over the hot spot while I sat down and ate mine. I don’t think you can beat sugar and lemon.

Pancake Tuesday has been celebrated traditionally since the 16th century as Christians used up their perishable foods prior to the 40 days of lent where people fasted or abstained from rich foods. I’ve never been one for giving up something for lent as I think it’s all too often used as a virtuos excuse to loose a few pounds dieting, instead of  using the time to reflect on Jesus’ fast before Easter. This year my friend Liz signed up to the 40 day generosity challenge so I have joined her and from today I will be ‘taking up’ not ‘giving up’. I hope you get to be on the receiving end.