We want to Break Free

It’s time to say goodbye to our Bedfordshire winter sanctuary and break free from the security of easy access to civilisation.

Sadly this rather odd boat also wanted to break free.

We’d seen it, afloat, when we cruised south in November and both commented that it looked rather unstable with all that metal welded to the top.

I guess Heath Robinson was having an off day and this project has been abandoned. CRT, aka us licence paying boaters, will have to pay to have it removed and properly disposed of.

EDIT since we posted this, someone has suggested to us that as it is/was a plastic boat, it might actually have sunk because it was damaged by ice or a boat moving past it in the ice. If that was the case then then us narrowboaters with our steel hulls ought to be made aware so we can take this scenario more seriously. When it comes to ice, just because we can doesn’t mean we should. It might have appeared a piece of scruffy junk to us but it might have been it’s owners home and pride and joy.

But as for us it’s farewell Bedfordshire hello Northamptonshire.