Moving on

The promise of spring in the air proved too much for our wanderlust to ignore, and we have taken the decision to pull the pins and cruise away from Market Harborough.

Goodbye Market Harborough

As we head off to Debdale to refuel, we intend to stay compliant within the restrictions, only cruising for essential services. So instead of returning the 12 miles back to Market Harborough we have decided to cruise onwards towards the next water point which is only 8 miles north. But slowly.
First stop, the area we have affectionately called the beech grove, because when we arrived in the autumn, it was a mass of golden copper beech leaves, which sounds a bit more inviting than it’s official name, Gallows hill.

Our Beech grove

Of course the real reason I wanted to start cruising is that it’s lambing season.

Although they might be cute, they aren’t half noisy at the start and end of the day.

Sunrise at Fleckney

And I was never quite sure who was watching who

I’m watching ewe

Heavily laden with fuel, water and a well stocked larder, we continued north as we could see the light at the end of the tunnel

Saddington tunnel, north portal

We’ve been warned to expect achey arms when we get our jabs in a week or two, but it can’t be worse than the aches after doing the first heavy double locks since we left Braunston back in October.

Kibworth Top Lock

CRT are still hoping to lift the restrictions on cruising on April 12th so until then we shall remain south of Leicester. There’s a lot of rural mooring around here, and it won’t be long before the mud dries out on the Towpath, and we can enjoy some good walks again.