We’re on our way

Having trundled up and down the A14 far too many times over the past 3 months, I met Eric at Welford so we could relocate the superfluous lengths of copper pipe, redundant DIY tools and pieces of planed oak, and I could return my essentials, the spare knitting needles, spinning wheel and bags of wool.

It was such glorious evening I didn’t want to leave Firecrest, but I needed to return the car to Heather. The next day Eric moved the boat up to Foxton and I returned on the train to Market Harborough. Our good friend Jo collected me from the station and we all went to say our farewells at Bridge 61, the boaters pub.

Soup at pub Bridge 61.
Soup at Bridge 61

We love the community of local folk and boaters, at bridge 61. They welcomed us warmly and we will make a point of returning next time we’re here. We think, that besides me and Jo, they make the best and most interesting soup. Tangy Carrot, and Mushroom and Stilton, to name two.

Approaching Foxton locks

We said our goodbyes to Jo and settled down for a good night’s rest before our journey north began. The Foxton flight is always manned, and as we were first boat of the day, the two volunteers were more than happy to do the majority of the work. Lovely guys and we appreciate your help. We did the flight, all 10 locks in 45 minutes.

Picked up fuel from Debdale marina and set off singing. We were just coming up to Saddington tunnel when we were flagged down because a widebeam was coming through. It was an emergency transit and they had CRTs permission provided they checked the way was clear before they came through. Sod’s law that we were the only boat moving that day. Not to worry though, we called it a lunch break.

Looking down onto the canal from saddlington tunnel
Looking down from Saddington Tunnel

Once we got underway again, I took the opportunity to walk over the top of the tunnel rather cruise through in the dark.

NB Firecrest cruising on Leicester Line Grand Union canal
Coming in to moor

After working through a few heavy double locks, we came to moor up for the night, very happy that we were finally on our way. Its a good feeling to be on the move, enjoying the fresh air, and each others company.

We are heading north, with the intention of enjoying the Leeds and Liverpool canal over the summer, with one or two diversions along the way to visit family in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas.