Banbury Banter

I have to apologise for a very sparse blog over the past few weeks.  We’ve had a mixture of some lovely cruising and several trips off the boat for various reasons.  At this time of year we celebrate a “royal” birthday and eat as much cake as possible.  There’s usually one of us that can legitimately blow out the candles. We even had a visit from Tim and Veve.

Anyway this is a boat blog and this week we are enjoying Banbury. The Oxford Canal runs straight through the centre of Banbury and the local authorities have taken advantage of this, creating a pleasant communal shared space.

However mooring is restricted to 48 hours so we stopped about a mile out of town.

We had the advantage of some noisy neighbours, 5 guard geese, who belonged to cottage opposite.

It was quite amusing watching people’s reaction to 5 hissing geese, made all the more hilarious because we had so much rain last week that the tow path had become a quagmire.

We’ll moor here again, 10 minutes walk to Tesco, and 30 minutes walk into town. And the neighbours kept us amused.