Napton’s novelties

We’ve seen some memorable things on the south Oxford canal

We reckon this must be one of the most photographed narrowboats not on the network. How it got here we don’t know, but it is marooned all on its own, in a field.¬†Eric and I have been debating whether or not marooned is the right adjective to use for a boat on its own personal canal.

Napton, being on a hill, was a significant lookout post during WWII, whereas the enemy used the canals as a significant navigation landmark.Consequently there are a number of concrete pill boxes along the bank, we hope they don’t topple into the canal.Then we saw a field of cows. But when I looked over the wall I realised they weren’t cows but water buffalo grazing peacefully-also hoping that they don’t topple into the canal.We wondered what they were destined for until I walked up to the village shop, (one of the best little convenience stores we’ve seen)And we had the most delicious water buffalo burgers for our tea.

Just imagine a photo of an empty plate here…

On my way back from the shop, I discovered the Napton Cidery. A wonderful small brewery in one of the farm barns.




I was generously plied with samples before I bought a few bottles, thankfully I didn’t topple into the canal.

As always with canal life, we’ve seen lots of things to make us smile, yet we didn’t really see them the first time we ¬†travelled this way a few weeks ago. Canal life is never dull.