Moving down the Trent and Mersy towards Alrewas

We’ve had just over a week moored below Common Lock heading towards Alrewas whist Eric was working and I was out enjoying myself. But it hasn’t all been fun and games,

We woke to some misty murky mornings and of course it’s the only time the heron fished for his breakfast close to the boat.

We enjoyed a visit from my mum, and a trip into Lichfield to see the cathedral. The bus is very convenient from Alrewas. Alrewas is a delightful little place, with most of the essentials for a boater including Coates, a first-class butchers, Coates, a small but adequately stocked Coop, a hairdresser that only charged me £11 for a good cut. And a coffee shop/cafe called Banks, that has only been open a few weeks, and has already got a devoted following of locals. I had an avocado and bacon ciabatinni. And not one but three pubs.



We were chatting to one of the residents who explained how Alrewas got its name. About 600 years ago when someone decided to build a house here, they were laughed at and thought daft. With the river Trent running so close and flooding regularly the fields were “All a wash” which became Alrewas. However the flood plain was also ideal for reed beds which meant that there was an ample supply of roofing material, which is why Alrewas has an unusually high proportion of thatched properties.On our last day in Alrewas, we saw a fellow Braidbar boat emerge from the lock, Chris and Simon were just about to moor up so we enjoyed a pleasant evening together.