A Hectic Week

Cheryl has been off the boat so I could have a quiet week working.  But this is boat life, and my social life this week has been hectic.  After a very enjoyable day helping Jo and Laurence down the Atherstone flight, they picked me up as they passed through Rugby hoping I’d help them down the 3 Hillmorton locks as well.  Jo was only a few hours from her new home so keen to get going so left Laurence and I chatting, it was nearly sunset before I arrived back on Firecrest.

Then I met Malcom and Barbara from Ampere, on their way to Crick to represent the Electric Boat Assosiation .  They kindly invited me to a BBQ, something Cheryl and I used to enjoy regularly when we were land based so this was a real treat. The next day I saw Laurence again.  He’d left his boat being polished and pampered at Crick, so he came exploring by bus, and Malcom brought a friend over,  Kevin who has a boat, but is about to commission a new one with electric propulsion and wants to install batteries like ours.  So an afternoon talking, Motors, Batteries, Amps, AmperHours, Coulombs, Torque etc.  I was in my element.

I was just settlng down to make it look as if I have been doing some work when, Graham & Victoria from Sapphire, another Braidbar boat, moored up near us. Sapphire’s one of the boats which inspired us when we were planning Firecrest.  Several other Braidbar boats have passed this week and said hi including No 173 “Jolly Good” the youngest Braidbar boat, but as the crick show looms large, they did not stop.

I leant out to snap a photo of Sapphire but there was  a holiday boat beaming at us as they cruised past, that’s Sapphire in the distance.  It’s such a hectic life living on a boat, so many people to talk to, and I wouldnt have it any other way.  The happy boaters far outweigh the grumpy ones.