Airing ones dirty laundry in public

…..Isn’t really my thing, but as I no longer have a garden with a washing line I can’t even show off my clean linens.

So with this in mind I opted to have a washer drier installed on the boat. Having run out of essentials I knew it was time to test this new toy. It took me all morning to plough through the instruction book trying to assimilate the multitude of choice. Having never used a tumble drier before, I remained apprehensive. After the wash cycle was complete, I extracted the few garments I knew shouldn’t be dried then plumped for the pre programmed ‘cottons’ setting as that was my what my remaining wash was made up of. Oh woe is me, looks like common sense isn’t sufficient this time. On my first attempt at tumble drying I do have a beautiful soft fluffy towel but I also shrank 2 of Eric’s shirts and my favourite pair of jeans. Time to go for another walk I think.

It wasn’t such a bad day though, we have been chatting with other boaters on the canal and showing off our boat to a friend who is awaiting his build slot later this spring to have his own beautiful Braidbar boat built.