Away for a few days

Eric needed to work on the wiring (wiring being a cover all term for getting the boat working) and we decided it would be more efficient if I weren’t on the boat. Read into that what you like but I wasn’t going to argue and took myself off by train to see mum for a few days.

Of course when I returned the wiring was still in progress and the dinette looked somewhat different to how I envisaged.

But it didn’t take long for it to return to how a proper dinette should look.

Actually having been so desperate to get back to the boat, the first thing we did was take a nice long walk while the sun was shining. But in my haste I forgot my camera. We retraced our steps up to Lyme park and after last weeks mist, yes I can confirm the view was stunning.

And progress has been made on the wiring, I am told that the motor does work despite the morse controller having been configured the opposite way to how we need it. So we’ll be going forward in reverse…..