Bollington Aqueduct

This Weekends cruise has brought us about 5 miles south to Bollington.

We came though here in March on our way to Macclesfield and I snapped a view from the canal. As we’re moored in almost the exact location I was able to go and have a look from below. This is one of those times when I am in absolute awe of the people that built the canals. We are moored up there on the aqueduct, and we’d never guess, and neither would the town below know it was a canal going over them.

A lot of the country has been enjoying blue skies all week but the clouds only dispersed on Friday here in Cheshire so Saturday was the first time we completely removed the cratch covers from the conservatory, I sat and drank pink fizz while Eric polished the portholes. Win win, I’d say.

Bollington has some pretty parks but Daisy’s on a lawn are hard to beat.