I’ve been advised that the best views around were from the Bowstones. So once it stopped raining I donned my boots and set off up the hill and down the dale and back up the next hill more or less following the boundary of Lyme Park.

The Bowstones are two carved Saxon pillars that are believed to be the shafts of two stone crosses. Sadly although their history is legendary, they are dwarfed by the scenery around them.

Looking back towards the canal to the west and north it feels like the whole world is stretching out before you, I think to my left is Chester and the north wales mountains then as I span round to my right it takes in Liverpool Manchester Stockport and to the northern reaches of the Peak District. It wouldn’t surprise me if the mountains in the distance were the Lakeland fells but alas it is all too vast and hazy for me to capture in a photograph

Then to the east I could see out towards New Mills and beyond into the central Peak District

Along the way I stopped to chat

And frolic