horses in field opposite kings lock moorings

From Canal to River

Shortly after leaving a very pretty mooring at Kings Lock the Grand Union Leicester Line, merges with the River Soar.

The River Soar merging into the canal

It wasn’t dramatic, no melee of boats rushing into an orderly single file, but subtle differences like having a natural rather than manmade bank. And now we have to be alert to flood warnings.


Getting to the outskirts of the city, the navigation is managed to maintain depth although with this amount of graffiti, we’re always uncertain what else might be lurking under the surface waiting to snare the prop. We came across the CRT crew, who had just pulled a safe out of the channel. That would certainly caused us problems

Donella Too

We were lucky enough to be joined by Donella Too to do our final few locks into the city.

Moored opposite the Leicester City football ground

And couldn’t miss the opportunity to add another football ground to our list of venues visited.

city ground weir and lock

Although there was a significant barrier stopping us getting too close.