Company at Cropredy

We only stayed one night in Cropredy but it was a pretty mooring and I think we’ll do a bit more exploring on our return journey.

But next time we’ll try not to be cruising through on a Saturday morning because the canal becomes a super highway when the canoe club takes to the water.

We’re not complaining, it’s great to see so many people enjoying the canal but we did feel like we were having a Jurassic park moment when we, the lumbering brontosaurus was being chased by a pack of high speed velocaraptors.

There were lots of lovely things to see on this journey, the May blossom was glorious

And some not quite so pretty but still made us smile

It was only after we’d cruised past that we realised this boater had his trousers down, probably a good job I didn’t zoom in for the photo.

And of course every spring post should have an obligatory lamb