Expect the unexpected

Kidderminster trip Day 4

Narrowboating plans can never be relied upon. And we started the day with a big hiccup. Our toilet wasn’t behaving itself. I won’t go into too much detail other than to say after a few tedious hours of inspecting, pondering, rinsing through, researching cleaning agents etc (acid or alkaline based, we settled for dilute caustic soda), luckily it was a teething problem that we’d caught before it became a horrible smelly job. But that’s one of the joys of living on a boat. You can’t just call out a plumber, you have to be prepared to have a go at fixing things yourself and I’m happy to say Team Firecrest survived this event.
I even managed to go for a brief walk around Stone, it’s a pretty place with a lot of history but my mission was to buy milk and because it was pouring with rain so I didnt explore properly.

Some lovely bridges today.

I don’t know what caused me to turn around and look behind but I was surprised to see the stonework was different on each side. I wonder why.

Not too many locks to do today, 7 or 8 and most were nicely spread out so I could dry off in between, and they were all set in my favour. At one lock we met a lovely young couple on holiday from Scotland, they had never seen a narrowboat in a lock before and were so excited and fascinated that we lived aboard.  We had to pose for photos and answer questions. When I suggested they consider hiring one for a holiday they looked quite crest fallen, “oh no we can’t do that,” she said glumly “he’s over 6 foot tall” –  well there was only one way to prove them wrong and he was quite amazed that he could still stand upright inside. They went on their way with huge smiles on their faces, and so did we. Sharing is a two way gift and an unexpected pleasure.

Turning another corner, this time onto the Staffordshire and Worcester canal, and right into the Anglo Welsh marina at Great Haywood. We’d been told that Kevin the manager had heard about Firecrest and was interested to see how the electrics worked, he was just about to leave for the evening but said we could moor there overnight so as it was chucking it down again, we did. Who’d have thought we’d spend the night in a hire boat base.
Not what we’d expected the day to be, but in the end and another interesting and mostly enjoyable adventure.