Feeling more like summer than Spring

We woke to find the most perfect of days, the water was still and the geese were still sleeping off their late night shenanigans, even the dawn chorus didn’t disturb us. So we sat in the conservatory drinking in the tranquility with our morning cuppa.

Its been the first time we’ve rolled up the sides but the day just got warmer and I sat and basked as Eric got on with the ‘wiring’ although he did keep coming to join me.

The waterfowl didnt miss the opportunity to come looking for food but soon went to pick on the walkers who are more gullible than the boaters

The sky stayed blue until the sun went down

What’s been interesting for us as new boat owners is that the heating hasn’t come on at all all day, even now as I’m writing this at 9pm. This all bodes well for a really economic boat.