One of my joys is having the time to take advantage of these beautiful surroundings. Last week I turned off the canal and took a footpath through the woods, and oh what a mystical and magical place. A hidden woodland stream surrounded by bluebells and wild garlic. Now when we were in Bolligton for the market we saw a stall selling wild garlic preserves, chutney and pesto, hum I think to myself there’s enough garlic here that I could take a bagful of leaves home without damaging the natural growth or spoiling it for anyone else.

So yesterday I took a carrier bag with me and helped myself to a bag full of garlic leaves. And tomorrow I shall buy some pine nuts and make wild garlic pesto. Mmmm yummy.

I resisted picking a bunch of bluebells because I know they don’t last indoors and bluebells in woodland ought to be classed as a national treasure for all to enjoy.