Fradley Pond

The Pond at Fradley Junction, is a water conservation facility. It was built around 1777 when the owners of the newly completed Trent and Mersy canal were worried about loosing their water to the adjoining Coventry canal. A channel was dug, taking water from the top lock above the junction into a reservoir, which  fed back into the canal below the junction.

There’s a mile long circular walk with audio points giving lots of snippets of information about what you can see.  And there’s some lovely sculptures as well.

The pond has had several uses but now been developed into an award winning nature trail with hides and feeding stations, fishing platforms and viewing points.

Lots of grubs for hungry Blue tit chicks

But the Mallards had to look a bit deeper.

I believe this is a greylag goose, obviously it’s gosling has had it’s lunch and is now taking a nap.

Squirrels on the other hand are always looking for their next titbit.

I was told to look out for the water vole who lives at the feeding station, I’m not sure if this is a water vole or a rat. Either way I think it’s cute. There were several mice but they didn’t stick around for a decent photo.

We don’t often see Jays on the ground, but someone had sprinkled seed for them.