Getting our fixes

Both of us happy this week. I got to go shopping by catching the bus into Daventry and found fresh vegetables. Local convenience stores are great and I wouldn’t be without them but unless you arrive on the right day the veg is invariably past its best. I’ve found a good website to help me find bus times so I really must get more familiar and confident going beyond walking distance from the boat. Daventry is a quirky little place, one or two interesting buildings that hint towards a past, but it’s mainly a dormitory town. It does however have a waitrose tesco and aldi all within spitting distance of the bus stop so I came home well stocked

Braunston’s shops are rather more ‘independant’ The Boat Shop at top lock is a gem and a pleasure to pop into, especially for icecream.

But I didn’t think I needed a new pair of boots

And while I was out getting my shopping ‘fix’ Eric stayed in Braunston whilst Wharf House’s plumber fixed Firecrest’s leaky radiator valves. The problem was easily sorted out, they didn’t appear to have had any jointing compound used when they were originally fitted. That was £85 well spent. Hopefully we can get the ugly stains in the woodwork sorted out when we return to Braidbar.

And we’ve ticked off another Braidbar boat from our list, 98- dreams fulfilled.