Green’s Windmill

From our mooring on Victoria Embankment, we could just about see a windmill in the distance, north of Trent bridge. I had to do a bit of digging to find out more, and discovered they were having a summer fete, and what’s more, it was only 1.5 miles away.

George Greens father built the Green’s mill in 1807, when it produced flour for Sneinton. But when George inherited the family business he chose to install a manager so study science and mathematics at Cambridge. After several owners and disastrous fires the mill is now grinding flour again as a charitable organisation and also promoting science and maths to children. The fete was to be officially opened by the Sherrif of Nottingham. For some silly reason I was quite disappointed to see an ordinary lady Sherrif instead of a villainous greedy Walt Disney character. We took the tour to the top of mill and guess what, we could still see Nottingham Castle, on the left of the picture.  I could also just about see Trent bridge, but not good enough for a photo. Greens mill is one of the recognised attractions of the area and the lovely park around it makes a perfect picnic spot.