Helping hand

Earlier this week we set out to help our friends Jo and Lawrence. They both have brand new Braidbar boats. And making that first outing from Lord Vernons Wharf all the way down to Crick was going to be quite some journey.  124 miles and 66 locks.

We remembered back to last June and our first adventure with a time schedule just how exhausted we were. So as we were roughly in the same location we offered to  help them both through the Atherstone locks. That’s 11 locks over roughly 2 miles. Really we just wanted a nosy at 2 beautiful boats.

We were moored in Rugby so we hopped onto a train to Atherstone, 20 minutes by train, or 2 days by canal.

Working both boats through the locks took us about 4 hours, lots of chatting done along the way. And too warm to rush.

Jo rewarded us with a magnificent spread and we raised a glass of chilled white in a toast to many hours of happy boating and good friendships. And Lawrence let Eric take a turn at his helm.

In all fairness Jo also offered us the chance on Blue Pearl, but I declined as I still get the coliwobbles at the thought of steering Firecrest.