I think we’re back

We’re sorry for such a long unexplained absence, we’ve had a few problems. Back in December we had some uninvited guests, unless that is, you wanted to purchase Chinese furniture. We’d been hacked and taken over. Eric spent a lot of time and effort sorting it all out, cleaning up, making it safe and significantly reducing the possibility of it happening again. Now whether as a result of all the work Eric did, or pure coincidence of timing, wordpress has also been doing some work, and consequently I have been unable to save any of the posts I have written, which has meant nothing’s been published for several months. Its been a frustrating and miserable time. I love writing and I’m always touched when people tell me they enjoy reading about our adventures.

Kingfisher near Market Harborough

On the plus side of things, at least we lost the blog over winter when our coddiwompling was seriously curtailed. Apart from winter being the best time to see kingfishers, in reality you have missed very little.

Looking across Crick Marina

We had planned to take 2 months in a marina so that Eric could do some DIY on Firecrest. We chose to use Crick Marina because of its closeness to the A14, the most direct route back to the bricks and mortar. The work took a little longer than expected thanks to us both succumbing to the flu for 3 weeks in January. I won’t go into detail, but Firecrest wasn’t built with maintenance in mind and it’s been a hard slog reaching fuel lines and water ingress points in cramped inaccessible places. And our visitors will be relieved to hear that the back steps now have equal height rises so they dont their dignity is maintained as they tumble into the boat. As will always be the case there is still plenty more to be done but we were all going stir crazy not cruising.

Early morning at Yelevetoft

We moved Firecrest out of Crick Marina at the end of February, sat out Storm Gareth at Yelvetoft Wharf and finally on March 22nd I travelled back to the boat by train and promised Heather I wouldn’t be imposing on her Suffolk hospitality until…. until the next time.

We have now set off on our cruising adventure for this year and hopefully over the next week I shall get back into the swing of sharing some of the joys we experience on a more regular basis.