Keeping warm.

January is one of those months that doesn’t inspire much cruising for pleasure. It’s either damp grey and miserable, and it’s nicer to be tucked up inside, or its crisp clear and frosty, which is beautiful and calls for us the make the most of our surroundings. However cruising on those days is still the domain of the hardy cause it doesn’t take long for the chill to reach our bones. Sadly we haven’t had too many perfect crispy days this year, but we’ve realised that going for walks is warmer than standing at the tiller. So as we’ve found ourselves a nice mooring just above the three locks at Soulbury we’ll make the most of it and stay our full 14 days.

We do have the pleasure of a kingfisher catching his breakfast opposite the boat, however my photography skills aren’t up to capturing the moment. You’ll have to make do with Eric and his boaters breakfast.