Kinver country fayre

On Sunday Kinver put on a show to be proud of. The annual Kinver country Fayre. We slathered on the factor 30, donned our sun hats and set off thankful that the boat would be in shade most of the afternoon. The first event was a transport through the ages parade down the high street. Sadly they couldn’t draw the narrowboat down the highstreet but the bargees and their horse came.

My favourite of the day had to be the beautiful VW Combi, Thanks Dad so many happy memories, I was driven to our wedding in our own 30 years ago.

Eric wanted the most modern BMW that brought up the rear. And funnily enough when we left the church happily married we were driven to the reception in Erics brother’s shiney black BMW. They were also promoting an electric BMW which was very sleek and smart but we’ve reached the age of preferring a car we can get in and out of gracefully

After the parade we moved onto the field with a huge variety of stalls and other entertainments.

I was mesmerised by a group of dancers called BellyFusion

and the HCA wrestling champions

Eric found the local Brew and got talking to one of the many bobbys around. Sadly we saw 6 armed police officers. We wouldn’t have batted an eyelid seeing them at an airport or in London but how sad that it’s now deemed necessary for a rural fundraising event.

One of our highlights was being able to chat to the family with the barge horse. They were ‘Little Shire’ which was very obvious when I saw the full Shires harnessed to the drays. Notably they were bred to have close set hind legs and broad set shoulders to aid pulling the barge along the towpath. They would be no good as ploughing horses because they were used to ¬†their loads being pulled at an angle behind them. And their harnesses included rotating ‘bobbins’ that effectively stopped the leather chaffing the horses skin. A bit like horse fenders. I loved the crocheted ears to protect against flies.

We stocked up on home made marmalade and other edible delights, then returned to our boat mid afternoon for a siesta.