Massive Milton Keynes

I keep saying we’re in Milton Keynes, but I think the locals might take exception to that. We are currently skirting the outlying villages that Milton Keynes is gobbling up. On the map it looks like one massive built up area but actually the places that we are passing through like Wolverton and Great Linford, are significant places in their own rights. And I am sure that all the other names on the map will also have their own identity.

Milton Keynes is currently celebrating being 50 years old. The architects designed this new town to incorperate acres of green parkland with miles of foot and cycle paths. The roads are laid out in a grid system intersected with roundabouts. Even the canals have a modern touch with this new aquaduct crossing the V6 highway.

But as I have already celebrated my 50th birthday, I remember as a child-growing up in the north of England, hearing about Milton Keynes real claim to fame. Its herd of concrete cows. (No I don’t know why either). And as they have a listing on google maps  I knew where to find them so dragged Eric off on a walk to see if they would live up to expectation. 

Much as they try to look cute and endearing, we both agreed that we prefer the real thing.

There’s an awful lot more of Milton Keynes still to explore and I believe there’s a lot more sculpture and art work to see. I think we’ll enjoying being here.