Mooring with Henry

So near yet still so far, only another 15 miles to get us to the start of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, but we aren’t rushing, and after passing under the A1, (significant to us because of the countless times we have driven this way to visit family)

Under the A1

The River Aire is wide and interesting and we found a pleasant spot to moor in Castleford. I hadn’t realised but it is the home of sculptor and artist Henry Moore, Castleford is a bit of a scruffy town, and the reclining figure had to be removed from the main street and displayed in the library.

Henry Moore’s reclining figure

It was 48 hour mooring so we moved on the to Aire and Calder Navigation, and found a nice cool spot under the trees near Lemonroyd. Of course I had to get my spinning wheel out and make the most of the space and shade.

Another perfect spot

 The locks here are still huge and automated to accommodate the commercial vessels so I was able to enjoy the view

Woodlesford lock
Woodlesford lock

whilst Eric got tossed around in the turbulence.

Who needs to go white water rafting when you have open lock gates

With out batteries recharged we were ready to hit Leeds. But not before another glorious rural sunset