More roof work

After Nottingham the river locks are manned by lock keepers and the procedure is to announce your intention before you arrive. That way the lockies can set the lock for you or advise you where to wait your turn. You can phone ahead which is ok if there’s good reception, but using a VHF radio is the prefered option. We opted for a fixed radio rather than a handheld device because the clarity is generally better. But this requires an aerial. Last year we cobbled together a tempory mag-mount affair but we wanted something more permanent, and I finally relented and gave Eric permission to drill holes in the roof.

I’m not sure who was more worried.

I watched nervously from below, although I’m not sure what I’d have done if he’d gone through the ceiling. But he didn’t.

Job done, all ready for the base to be screwed in place.

One rachet antenna base ready for the aerial

Now we can be heard for miles and we set off downstream on the Trent underneath that beautiful bridge on our way to meet family on the Chesterfield Canal.