Our Adventure Begins

Pre log December 2016

Many years ago, on a lazy summer afternoon we moored up our hire boat at Braunston and meandered around the marina. Spotting the for sale signs, we peered through the window of a 60 foot beauty. Wow, this isn’t anything like the hire boat. The owners were aboard and invited us in to have a closer look. We realised with a bit of jiggling around, we could just about afford a boat of our own, but we still had the house to renovate, the kids to educate and the jobs to manipulate, the time just wasn’t right. We moved on and continued our holiday, but the seed had been well and truly sown, one day we would live aboard a narrowboat.

In 2011, to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary, we took a holiday on the Llangollen canal. During this week we debated the pros and cons of making our dream a reality. The children had grown up and no longer needed mum and dad to provide the roof over their heads. We spoke to live aboard boaters, and the recurrent phrase was “you won’t regret it, we wish we’d done it sooner” So we took the plunge and held hands and leapt feet first into canal life.

It’s taken us 5 years to reach this point, we finished renovating the family home just days before we put it on the market and downsized. We have become boat bores spending every spare minute researching and planning for our boat. We’ve spoken to boaters, boat yards, read books and blogs, watched Tim and Prue, trawled the Internet, visited shows, toyed briefly over a fantasy super yacht, and at the annual Crick boat show we chose Braidbar  boat builders to build us a bespoke 60‘ electric powered narrowboat.

Firecrest is to be the best Christmas present ever and we will move aboard in the new year of 2017.

You’re welcome to join us on our journeys as we get to know our boat and explore the Inland waterways of our beautiful country. Who knows what this new lifestyle will teach us and how far we will travel.

It’s a dream, an adventure, a rebirth, and a celebration of life. Let’s get going. (Our blog will begin in ernest once we’ve settled in.)