Sheep dog trials and family time

I’m taking time out from the Leeds and Liverpool, hopping on the train and  going “home,” back up to the Lake District for a bit of family time. But it’s also time for the sheep dog trials, and there are few places better than the Lakeland fells to see the shepherds and their dogs show off their skills.

Running down that hill

Mum lives just over that hill in the background. But the shepherds have travelled quite a bit further, it’s a tough competition and it’s designed to show off their skills as both handlers and professional dog trainers. Sadly no one told the sheep what the rules were. So its quite an amusing spectator sport.

take it from me, there’s a lot of editing goes on before one man and his dog hits the tv screen.

Come by

But they all made it  down the hill and through the final gate.

Is the grass any greener on the other side

Even though the naughty ones did look very sheepish.

Up against the wall

The dogs were amazing. They are all eager to please and I think if Eric and I were ever to own a dog it’s highly likely we’d choose a border collie.

Wonder where Shep is

Alongside the trials, there was a trail race for the hounds as well. A scented runner was sent out to lay a 10 mile trail, then the dogs were let loose. It took them about 30 minutes to complete the course.

Here come the hounds

It was as brilliant day out. And of course we had to finish the afternoon with an icecream

Local dairy maids icecream

The other reason I came home for these few days was to see my cousins. They were on holiday from overseas and we haven’t seen each other from several years.

Not quite all of us

But we laughed and joked and shared memories as if it had only been 5 minutes. I hope it’s not so long before we get together again. And hopefully I’ll see more family when we get Firecrest to Liverpool