There and back on the Erewash

The Erewash canal is part of the Grand Union Canal network. Nowadays a dead end arm off the River Trent going up to Langley Mill. It’s 11 miles long and has 14 locks. We were given mixed reviews about whether or not we should venture onto it.
But here at Trent Lock, the start, we were pleasantly surprised by crystal clear water providing us with our very own aquarium so we could watch the fish.The first stretch is home to some spectacular houseboats which I believe were used by the Nottingham lacemakers.

There are several mills along the canalside which was where the lace was made.  This one is desirable flats now, others are derelict and some have been converted into smaller units. The canal itself was built to transport coal as this was a predominantly mining area. Both Eric and I have northern roots so it gave us great pleasure to see this style of street.It obviously was a prosperous area in its heyday although I doubt the miners themselves had much spare cash. Seeing the area from a narrow boat gives a strange perspective of a location, lots of attractive well cared for properties, but seeing people sitting on vandalised benches nursing their cans at 9 in the morning does make you think. We had been warned to be alert for opportunist theft, but the people we met, both young and old all seemed very friendly and non threatening.  In fact we got the impression that they weren’t used to seeing many boats on the move, such was the interest shown as we cruised. And the boaters were helpful, setting locks for us in anticipation. We cruised to the Great North Basin at Langley Mill and turned the boat to return as we needed to be in Nottingham later in the week.This plaque showing us how far we were from various places.We didn’t quite gallop back but enjoyed another night in a peaceful rural location turning a blind eye to the kids swimming in the locks. When the temperature was pushing 30 degrees it’s understandable that the kids want to be in the water and as we had no power to enforce them getting out why spoil their fun. And to give the kids some credit, when we did need to go through a lock they didn’t hesitate to get out and wait for us.As has become my custom these days, this heat demands ice cream. I was gutted this place was closed when we arrived.Next best thing, a mooring under a tree for shade.  We can now say that we have ‘done’ the Erewash, it was pretty and peaceful, and we will do it again. Sadly it lacks easy mooring as the banks are shallow, – but at least you can see so before you attempt to come in.  I am sure we will do it again some day.