A few days in Fradley

We were still playing dodge the rain as we our journey continued. It’s quicker to walk from Alrewas to Fradley, as its only 2 miles but the 7 locks have the potential to make it into a 2.5 hour cruise. But we struck lucky with most of the locks in our favour and the volunteer lockies were on good form helping the many boats through the flight, while chatting to the gongoozlers.

Just before turning left onto the coventry

We decided to stop on the 14 day visitor mooring above the top lock, and just as Eric was tying off we were approached by someone with a big grin on his face and the opening statement “I built your boat”. It turns out Sam is one of Tim Tyler’s team of steel fabricators who built our hull. It was a real treat and honour to meet him and thank him, telling him just how much we love Firecrest. We weren’t able to invite him on board to look around, but he was able to peer through the portholes. I think he enjoyed being able to see a completed boat.

A chance meeting

Just after he’d said goodbye, we were joined by another Braidbar boat

Gettinf to know the Potters too

So after a lovely few days chatting we continued our journey, with the most southerly point of the Trent and Mersey being 10 minutes out of Fradley . Believe it or not the sun was shining as we set off, not that you’d believe me.

The glorious south!!!!

I had walked ahead to set Woodend lock and got soaked. I could have done with one of those decorative teapots being full of tea.

At least the rain had stopped

It’s usually a pretty place but the rain was dampening our spirits, and we had just seen the beautiful countryside decimated in preparation for HS2. Mind you we are very philosophical about HS2, we’ve always accepted that the building of this mammoth infrastructure will be far worse than we think the actual negative impact of HS2 will be in years to come.

HS2 here you

But after all, what did people say about the canals ripping through the countryside 300 years ago.