The Midlands March, breezing through Brum

Much as a big city has lots of exciting things to see and do. This time, we only stayed a few days.

Passing the Sheepcote Street mooring

We needed water so set off onto the Fazely branch for the water point and rubbish bins, not a pretty sight.

Fill in your own comments

But the backdrop was of the Birmingham BT tower, and many years ago this was were Eric began his career as an enthusiastic electronics engineering student with a sponsorship from the GPO. He tried to locate some of the offices he’d worked in but alas the landscape hasn’t stayed the same.

I bet he never thought he’d be back by boat

Then it was back onto the main line, under the Black Sabbath Bridge

Renamed in 2019 in honour of Birmingham’s famous sons

And through Gas Street basin

One of the old warehouses

Capturing the significance of this place on camera isn’t that easy whilst you’re on a boat but fellow blogger, Captain Ahab has recently shared some historic photos of the development of the area and I really can’t do any better than refer you to their blog please take a moment to read what Captain Ahab says

But we do love seeing the old and the modern nestling in together.

Wharfs and hotels

With the television studios in the Mail Box,

The mail box

the area attracts creativity, some amusing

We’re not sure if this is or isn’t a Banksey

Some weird


And some just out of this world

From the tv studio

One of our favourite iconic buildings is the Cube

The Cube

But all these buildings funnel the wind making it tricky cruising, we rounded the corner onto the Birmingham and Worcester canal

And half an hour later moored up in the university quarter.

Outside the Shackleton buildings in the university quarter