Asylum comes to town

AKA the Lincoln Steampunk Festival, (Asylum is the name of the event organisers) For those not familiar with Steampunk, a dictiinary definition says it is…. “a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology”  that’s not what Eric says but I just say it’s amazing and I want to be part of it. It really does attract alsorts, way beyond the historical, it’s a culture that has many forms of expression. People travel from all over to be part of this 3 day event. And while the streets were filled with people adorned in their finery, strutting their stuff, there were lots of organised events for ticket holders only, so if this is what we saw taking over Lincoln, who knows what went on behind the drawbridge of the castle. It’s very inclusive, and quite diverse.
We thought this guy’s wheelchair was very clever with its cogs and levers.  lots of impressive looking weaponry  though I’m not sure it would see off the aliens, quite a few shoulder pets. Everyone was really keen to show off their costume, stopping to pose for photos.  We had to laugh when we saw a large police presence, I asked if they were expecting trouble from the steampunk, Oh no, there’s a football match today. Not sure the footie fans would stand a chance against the steam punk.