From Atherstone to Rugby via Suffolk

Atherstone is a very convenient place for boaters, it has everything you need within walking distance, pubs, fish and chips, a supermarket and a train station. I was able to say goodbye to Eric safe in the knowledge that he wouldn’t starve while I went off to the land of bricks and mortar and spinning wheels. I have a large circle of friends in Suffolk, and I still think it is an amazingly beautiful county so it’s never a hardship to return. It just doesn’t have a canal system.

It doesnt suffer from a lack of boats though, just not the ones I’d choose to live on.  Ipswich was built around the Orwell estuary and despite there being  limited navigation inland, it has a huge marina full of sea worthy leisure cruisers, yachts and quite a few restored old sailing barges. Along with a significant number of fancy meeting places in the old warehouses for me to catch up with old work colleagues, (that’s old work, not old colleagues)

Thorpness is a tiny fishing village on the coast but around 1910 the Olgilvies built themselves and their friends a fantasy holiday village which included a mere paying homage to one of their friends J M Barrie, so if you were to take one of these boats out be warned there are pirates and crocodiles awaiting the boys and girls who don’t want to grow up.Yes Anne, that’s a crocodile on the island.

Thanks to a thriving wool trade back in the 15th century, there’s some remarkable old mediaeval buildings still in use around Suffolk, Anne and I ventured into the heartland to a village called Peasenhall where this hall is owned by the Landmark Trust, who rent it out as holiday accommodation. Eric and I shared a holiday in it with his brother and family, over 30 years ago before we moved to Suffolk. This time Anne and I only stopped for coffee and cake.

And there’s the magnificent Framlingham with it’s  castle, deli and several nice coffee shops.

And being pumpkin season, this is what Tim and Veve brought home, No wonder Heather looked a bit concerned, But Veve knew how to put a good meal together.

While I was enjoying Suffolk, Eric was working hard on Firecrest and he’s also become quite an adept single handed boater. He cruised down from Atherstone in several stages and moored in Rugby, which also has a convenient train station for me to come home to.



Back to Sunny Suffolk

Apologies for my lack of posts, I’ve had another unplanned week away from Firecrest looking after a few essentials in Suffolk, which of course, has meant that I got to go to the seaside with my fabulous friends and family. Aldeburgh will always be one of my favourite places. A bracing walk on the beach looking at the fishing boats

followed by lunch at the Aldeburgh Market,

Grilled goatscheese and beetroot salad. Yummy.

And then a few miles down the road to Bungay

More beautiful old buildings, but just look at that sky, it really was that blue.

And finally back to Woodbridge, where there’s quite a community of river dwellers.

Mmmm don’t think I should be complaining about muddy towpaths…