The village show

We’ve rounded the corner at Hillmorton and are relaxing around Rugby.  Saturday afternoon was the Clifton upon Dunsmore village fair, so instead of heading for the big shops we walked up the hill to see what was going on. Who’d have thought I’d ever get my workaholic husband to stand around in the sunshine enjoying the village dog show, but that’s what we did.

Perhaps it won’t be that long before we have a canine companion onboard Firecrest. (By that I mean another few years not another decade) or perhaps it was just the pull of the beer tent that persuaded him to accompany me.

Whatever the reasons we did have an enjoyable afternoon. There was a collection of vintage penny slot machines, so we handed over our pound coin for 20 old pennies and went off in search of the jackpot. Of course all our winnings had to be spent but as I managed to win more than I’ve ever managed on the national lottery, it was a pound well spent and much more fun than the noisy flash bang whizzy arcade games that devour more than they spew out.

No village show is complete without a police presence these days and we enjoyed a chat with these guys. One of whom was proudly sporting a tractor boys badge, yeah go Ipswich Town FC. on a more serious note they told us about a Warwickshire scheme called WaterwaysWatch where we can sign up for email alerts to be notified of any problems arising along the canals.