Amy in a spin,

After our adventures at Warwick Castle, we needed a quiet day to recover. Not being one to sit idle, while Amy was dusting under the bed she discovered my spinning wheel and that was the last of the housework I got from her.

It didn’t take long for Amy to pick up the necessary skills to make a nice even yarn on the wheel. And if I’m honest I was very impressed. Spinning well, is as much about gauging how the process feels as it is about following a set of instructions. Amy watched how I spun then intuitively copied. It didn’t take long before she was confident to spin unsupervised.

I had seen a craft fair advertised in  Royal Leamington Spa so whilst Eric got on with doing some real work, Amy and I went exploring. Jephson gardens was awash with stalls selling all sorts of arts and crafts but the only one that caught our eye was the one selling fibre.  Amy’s icecream money got spent on a gorgeous batt of sparkly merino and silk fibre-she’s got good taste because it’s the one I’d have bought if I had room for any more stash on the boat.

Of course that meant we didn’t want to explore any more but straight back to the boat to spin.

Knowing that Amy wasn’t going to be able spin on a wheel at home, I taught her how to use a drop spindle as well and gave her one to take home with her.

Warwick castle

Warwick castle was supposed to have been a highlight of our trip but poor Amy had eaten too many blackberries and drunk too much elderberry potion, the birds of prey at the castle soon picked her bones clean.

We were a bit worried about what mum would say when she saw Amy in this state so we just had to ply her with icecream and hope that she hadn’t lost her giggles in the dungeon.

we made Amy climb the 500 steps that took us up and down the ramparts, the view was amazing but try as we might we couldn’t see the canal.

We also tried to loose Amy in the maze but I think it was Amy that led us to safety.

Overall we were impressed by the castle, yes it is run very commercially with princess costumes and foam armoury being touted at every corner, but the history of the castle hasn’t been neglected. Lots of side shows telling the tales of Warwick in snappy sound bites.

They put on a spectacular birds of prey show, where they were swooping low over the crowds, flying for bits of chopped up child, or so the demonstrator told us. I’m not sure if I was most impressed by the awsome size of the condor or the the WWI style dog fight with 8 red kites all diving for the same bit of meat thrown in the air.

And an acrobatic re enactment of the war of the roses with horses and knights jousting.  The giant trebuchet was spectacular. Another feat of engineering that seems unbelievable without the aid of our modern computing power.

A full and busy day as we were there from when the castle opened until it pulled up the draw bridge.