Sunday afternoon stroll

Turned into an 8 mile hike, but we were well rewarded with stunning views over the Northamptonshire hills. And a chance to see Braunston church spire from a new angle.

I used my OS map to check out the footpaths and found one that lead us to the village of Barby. Although I think the farmer was taking the route a little too seriously when he placed this style

Perhaps it would be a useful deterrent if we were confronted by the bull in the field

Once we arrived in Barby we found the local pub was having a beer and sausage fesival. We were too early for the live entertainment but we enjoyed a pint and a 12 inch wild boar sausage bap. Sorry forgot to take a photo.

Having reached the high point of the area we turned westwards and headed down the lane that lead us onto the Oxford canal. And our first glimpse of the Oxford was of the new Dunchurch Pools Marina complex that our Braidbar friend Jo’s boat is going to be moored in once.

Then down the towpath back to Braunston to soothe our tired feet.