Making the most of the sunshine

Having found some trees to keep us cool as the temperatures reached the high 20’s, it was time to fill the water bottles and walk.

I felt very smug as we sauntered across the M1

I hope they had air con and were returning home after a grand day out, but thank goodness there isn’t that much traffic on the canal. I wondered if they were able to appreciate the beautiful countryside around them as they whizzed along.

I’m glad the weather had been so good for the farmers were busy making hay and cutting crops. But these chickens had the right idea. They were all sitting underneath the car.

But they came out to say hello,

This old geezer also new what was good for him. Down tools and open a bottle or two. He was sitting at the entrance to a super little canal side art studio, by bridge 21, Brockhall Rd Bridge, Landing Spinney Farm.