The Tree Catherdral

I don’t think I’ve ever visited a town with so many trees as MK. Admittedly now we’re into December, they aren’t all looking their best. But as we’ve come to expect MK has embraced this natural wonder by creating a tree cathedral.  It’s an awesome sight, and I’m sure it inspires moments of spiritual contemplation in most of its visitors. I’d love to see it in spring when the crocus bulbs flower and give an impression of stained glass reflecting on the ground. 

If we walked away from the centre of MK we came to Willen Park, the home of the Peace pagoda, Buddhist temple and prayer tree.

It stands proud overlooking the north lake and just beyond that is the M1 motorway.

And inbetween north and south lakes, is the Medicine circle.

The north lake is really a wildlife haven, but the South lake is a recreational area with sailing and skiing and surfing. At this time of year I prefer waterproof to wet suit so you’ll have to wait until the summer before I consider  posing in a bikini.

or just sitting in the boat watching the sunset