Whatever happened to December

We did survive the coldest of days, it only reached minus 8.  But we were surrounded by a warm glow especially at Hockliffe Baptist church where we joined in with the nativity service.  Instead of the children acting out the Christmas story, they had spent the previous weeks in Sunday school thinking about what it meant to them. They had been asked to come dressed appropriately so they could come to the front and form a montage. The narrator called for the first characters “will all the Mary’s and Joseph’s please come to the stable” there were half a dozen, traditionally dressed in tea towels and dressing gowns each with a baby Jesus, Next came the request for the the Angels, ….joined by several fairies and ballerinas. Followed by the shepherds and sheep and lions, tigers, monkeys and teddy bears, as children, and adults dressed more fashionably in onsies joined the scene, and finally the call for all the kings and wise men of the church including, Superman, Spider-Man and Wonderwoman. The whole service was an absolute joy to be part of and for all the alternative costumes the Christmas story of love and hope, was brought alive. I wished I’d been able to take photographs. We returned to the church a few days later for their weekly coffee morning to see the welcome to all extended to several homeless people who were given food and warmth. (Apparently all the churches in the area offer  similar hospitality)

Once the canal ice had been broken by a brave boat. 

We cruised to where we were going to leave the boat while we returned to Suffolk, and we said goodbye to our friends. Yes that’s snow on their backs. 

I was invited to join my Marie Curie nursing colleagues for their Christmas meal, I took the opportunity to tick another goal off my bucket list and dyed my hair pink.

Back in Suffolk we were joined by Heather, Tim and Veve. Great fun and frivolity was had by all, and we ate so much I worried we’d sink the boat when we returned.

Of course my New Years resolution tonight will be to write my posts more frequently.